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Post Election Message. Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With Me

by Shelley Costello on 11/09/16

It is never a good idea to jump in at a bad time to air your grievances. You know who really makes America Great? You and I. Words spewed out of your mouth are never retrieved. Inner turmoil, anger and dissatisfaction reveal publicly the deepest part of your character and integrity. 

If you have a brand online and are out here engaging in all of this, remember, how you act shows how you will act with clients in your company. 

The disappointed voters don't deserve for you to rub their face in it and treat them badly. Likewise, disappointed voters, you can do something about it in 4 years. Continued bashing won't change the results. 

When will each of us let peace start in our homes and lives?

If all of your hopes and dreams are wrapped up in either Trump or Clinton you have been wasting your life. Neither one of them control your destiny. 

Having inner feelings that control you only make you unhappy inside and steals your inner peace. A fool opens his mouth and speaks everything he or she thinks. Having your freedom of speech is one things, but actions as are being displayed today by haters is not exercising freedom of speech it is promoting hatred and unrest among fellow humans. Probably this is why humans disrespect each other and there is not peace in our country. 


Have a wonderful blessed day. Go hug your kids, take a friend to lunch or coffee, send a Fall email. Go for a walk, go to the gym and burn off some of your whatever. Just take control of yourself, your speech and your actions.

"Let's be SENSITIVE & GRACIOUS. Some are mourning. Let them. Some are rejoicing. Let them. Some are SHOCKED while others are RELIEVED. I'm happy the divisive & embarrassing rhetoric is over. It is all very new & raw. At the end of this day, it is what it is. Let us each remember ultimately it is IN GOD WE TRUST." Lisa Bevere

Here is something a friend of mine posted on Facebook:
"When the clamor of the pollsters is stilled, when the commercials and phone calls go silent, when the memes and insults have subsided, when the nation awakens on Wednesday... whoever the president is, the work of living continues. Which is to love the neighbor, to heal the brokenhearted, to welcome the stranger, to renew trust among the people, to hear voices long silenced, to bring peace to the nation, and to build a home of hope." ~ Rev. Howard Thurman, The Work of Christmas Begins (paraphrased)

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